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Layover Solutions changes the way passenger related IROP management is done – by connecting the actors involved online and by using data-driven solutions to improve efficiency and precision. Inefficient communication, imprecise booking orders and unsatisfied passengers are a thing of the past!

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When booking hotel rooms for disrupted passengers, having a quick overview over the offers in the market is key. Our online platform allows airline staff to compare, select and book hotel rooms, meals, and transport within seconds.


When a flight is disrupted airline staff must keep a clear head to take the right decisions. Our solutions use data-driven algorithms to support airline staff at each step. They can now make sure to book in line with airline criteria and maximize the booking precision.


To retain disrupted passengers, it is crucial that they feel taken care of. Our solutions ensure that disrupted passengers are informed about their options for overnight stay instantly. Airline staff can contact them any time.